NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard Professional Product Features

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. NI Multisim - Capture Features
  3. NI Multisim - Simulation Features
  4. NI Ultiboard - Layout Features
  5. NI Ultiboard - Routing Features

1. Overview

National Instruments Multisim schematic capture and simulation environment, and National Instruments Ultiboard layout and routing are available in different packages to ensure you have the professional tools, models, components and functionality to efficiently complete your design. The charts below showcase the various features available in each package.

NI Multisim is available in Base, Full and Power Pro Editions.

NI Ultiboard is available in Full and Power Pro Editions.


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2. NI Multisim - Capture Features

The following chart investigates the schematic capture features of NI Multisim.




Power Pro


Customizable GUI

Modeless part placement and wiring

Fast retrieval parts bins

User defined fields

Advanced symbol editor

Auto and manual wiring

Virtual wiring by node name

Fast auto-connect passives

Rubber banding on part move

Replace multiple components at once

Bus-vector connect

Project manager

Hierarchical design

Multisheet design

Circuit annotations

Comments on schematic

Electrical rules check

Title block editor

Forward/back annotation

Export to Mentor PADS layout

Advanced search

Variant support



Spreadsheet view



Design constraints



Zoom to selected part



Pin and gate swap



Customizable BOM



Advanced reports



Cross-probing with NI Ultiboard



ERC scope setting



Mark no-connect pins



Database import/export



Component database*




*To view the components available in each package click here.


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3. NI Multisim - Simulation Features

The following chart investigates the simulation features of NI Multisim.




Power Pro


Interactive simulator

Fully mixed-mode A/D simulation


Enhanced model support

Cadence PSpice model simulation*

Speed/accuracy tradeoffs

Simulation Advisor

Convergence Assistant

Virtual, interactive, animated parts

Mouse-click support for interactive parts

Measurement probes

Component Wizard

NI measurement data file sources

NI measurement data file export

NI LabVIEW VIs as instruments and sources


Simulation profiles




Expressions in analyses


Add traces to Grapher, post analysis


Rated components


Insert faults into components


Op-Amp Wizard



555 Timer Wizard



Filter Wizard



CE Amplifier Wizard



Model makers



Switch mode power supply simulation models



RF Design Module



Nested sweeps



C-Code modeling



 Virtual Instruments **




 Analyses **




MCU Functionality ***


Multisim Automation API





 **    To learn more about the virtual instruments and analyses available in the professional tiers of NI Multisim click here.
 ***  To learn more about the features of NI Multisim MCU Module click here.



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4. NI Ultiboard - Layout Features

The following chart investigates the layout features of NI Ultiboard.


Full Power Pro

Gridless follow-me placement

Push and shove part placement

Push and shove trace placement

Real-time & from copper ratsnest


Real-time polygon update with voiding

Keep-in/keep-out areas

Forward/backward annotation

Real-time DRC

Jump to error

64 layers and 1 nanometer resolution


Polar grids

Customizable layer viewing

Split power-planes

Comprehensive Footprint Wizard

Enhanced 3D visualization with print

Full screen mode

Gerber, DXF, IPC-D-356A, SVG output

Dimensions on PCB and landpatterns

Dimensions in Database Manager

User annotations

Net bridges

3D visualization inside circuit board


Turn off ratsnest for selected nets


Load and save technology files


Cross-probing with NI Multisim


Variant support


Component Placement Sequencer


Place components in array


Unplace all components


Ruler bar alignments and measurements


Save PCB design as a component


Permanent grouping


Pin & gate swapping


Gridless Connection Machine


High-speed constraint-driven layout


Multiple clearances


Net topology choices


Equispace trace support


Differential Impedance Calculator


Transmission Line Calculator




Test point insertion


Automatic tear-dropping


Pin necked trace support


Automatic jumper insertion


Copy route & replica place functions


In-place footprint editor


Mechanical CAD


Export 3D info in 3D IGES, DXF formats


Copper amount report


Test point report


Number of pins supported



Spreadsheet view




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5. NI Ultiboard - Routing Features

The following chart investigates the routing features of NI Ultiboard. The previous Ultiroute software is now a standard feature of both Ultiboard Full and Ultiboard Power Pro.



Power Pro



Pin & gate swapping

Fully customizable cost factors

Progressive routing

Interactive autorouting

Constraint driven routing

Follows keep-in/keep-out criteria

Manual pre-placement: components, vias, traces

Auto block capacitor recognition

SMD mirroring

Net shielding

Automatic testpoint insertion

Trace rubberbanding

Advanced BGA fan-out


Topology: shortest, daisy chain, star


Prioritize routing order


Route an individual net


Automatic bus routing


Differential pair routing


Group autoplace


Group autoroute




Pin number limit



Maximum number of layers




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