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National Instruments Product Life Cycle Policies

National Instruments knows that every application has different requirements for support and longevity and is committed to providing the life cycle support that you need for your application. NI product life cycle policies indicate purchase availability, support duration, and migration path. NI aims to help you take advantage of the latest technology, proactively plan for technology evolution, and find support when you have to deal with obsolescence issues.

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National Instruments application software products follow a standard life cycle policy that defines release frequency and support duration.


National Instruments hardware products follow a standard life cycle policy that defines purchase and service availability.

Life Cycle Support

In addition to standard life cycle policies, NI offers a variety of services related to managing the life cycle of your systems, including the following:

Service Programs – Standard service programs help you manage the support of your NI products.

Product Change Notification (PCN) – The PCN service notifies you of qualified changes for products that you have purchased and registered for the service.

Long-Term Support – NI can create a custom agreement to extend support for significant time periods beyond a product's end of life, possibly extending into the phase where the product would normally be obsolete.

Product Life Cycle Planning – NI can make recommendations on products, system architectures, and services that help you manage your system throughout its desired lifetime.

Migration Assistance – NI can provide technical resources to help you evaluate your system and manage current or impending life cycle issue such as product obsolescence or unforeseen needs to change system functionality.

Contact NI if you have questions about NI life cycle policies and services or have specific needs for your products. NI is committed to providing the right level of life cycle support to meet your needs.