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What Is NI SignalExpress?

SignalExpress is interactive, data-logging software for quickly acquiring, analyzing, and presenting data from hundreds of data acquisition devices and instruments, with no programming required.

Top Features

Hardware Connectivity

Connect to a Wide Variety of Hardware

Use SignalExpress with all National Instruments data acquisition (DAQ) hardware, more than 400 IVI benchtop instruments, and NI modular instruments.

Experience Quick Measurement Configuration

Configure all aspects of your hardware with a few clicks of the mouse.

Drag-and-Drop Measurement Configuration

View Your Data with Ease

Simply drag and drop to view your data as it is logged to disk.

Measure without programming

Drag and drop any of the built-in steps to build fully customizable data-logging systems in minutes.

Importing and Exporting Data

Drag and Drop Data into Other Programs

Log data with a click of a button, drag and drop your data from SignalExpress into Microsoft Excel, or seamlessly integrate with National Instruments DIAdem for off-line analysis and reporting.

Analyze Existing Measurement Data

Import existing data into SignalExpress for analysis and presentation.

Integration with LabVIEW


Leverage existing LabVIEW code in SignalExpress with the Run LabVIEW VI step.

Scale Applications with Code Generation

As your application needs grow, take advantage of the power of LabVIEW by converting your SignalExpress project into graphical LabVIEW code.