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Machine and Process Optimization

A large percentage of equipment and technology used in today's industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and a wide range of other areas was originally designed and implemented decades ago. Production competitiveness constantly pushed the speeds of this equipment, and lately, there has been an ever-increasing emphasis on machine and automation efficiency, as well as performance and quality control. Recent advancements in PC-based measurement and control technologies have provided industrially rugged and cost-effective systems to complement and integrate existing automation systems and machines. NI PACs deliver advanced functionality, such as high-speed, high-resolution measurements; analysis and signal processing; and control technologies that improve the efficiency of existing systems.

Optimizing Existing Automation Systems

National Instruments offers a measurement and automation platform that industrial engineers can use to optimize existing plants and design engineers can use to build high-performance machines. The core of this platform is NI LabVIEW, a high-level graphical programming language, executing on an industrial programmable automation controller (PAC). Graphical system design can improve quality through real-time measurement integration, reduce downtime with better diagnostic tools, improve throughput using higher-speed loops and advanced control algorithms, and optimize plant spending by augmenting the existing automation systems.

Using Advanced Control to Optimize Efficiency

NI provides the necessary tools to implement advanced, state-of-the-art control algorithms such as model predictive control (MPC) and fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy controllers that can operate more efficiently than traditional PID-based systems.