What Are PXI Source Measure Units?

PXI Source Measure Units (SMUs) combine high-precision source and measure capability with features designed to reduce test time and increase flexibility.

Interactive Soft Front Panel

PXI SMUs are shipped with an interactive soft front panel for ready-to-run measurements. It includes two modes: one for constantly outputting a DC current or voltage and another for multichannel sweeps. You can monitor and debug the instrument during automated measurement by enabling a debug session.

Hardware-Timed Sequences

Get your results faster by removing the communication latency between the host computer and SMU among each measurement of a sequence and, at each step, change various SMU parameters such as output mode, aperture time, current range, and transient response.

Custom Transient Response

Digitally control the transient properties of PXI SMUs to maximize stability, reduce overshoot, and greatly decrease test times with NI SourceAdapt, a patented technology on PXI SMUs.

High-Power Pulsing

Operate beyond the basic DC power boundary of PXI SMUs by pulsing current or voltage instead of supplying a constant DC source, allowing you to test at high instantaneous power with limited or no heat sink infrastructure.

Advanced Sequencing

Change nearly any parameter of PXI SMUs, including aperture time, compliance limit, output mode, and measurement range, without delay to save measurement time during hardware-timed sequences.

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