How Do I Configure Systems and Deploy Software with SystemLink™ Server?

SystemLink Server provides a central web application that improves the efficiency of remote configuration tasks and software deployment processes.

See What You Can Do With SystemLink Server

Managing configurations for multiple test and measurement systems can be daunting, especially when systems incorporate a variety of device configurations and software combinations. SystemLink is designed specifically to improve these configuration processes by providing a central web application for tasks such as software installation, device updates, and diagnostic functions. It provides out-of-the-box support for NI hardware and software with an extensible architecture to manage all third-party components.

WAYS SystemLink Server CAN HELP

Centrally Manage the Distribution of Software

You can manage a central repository for software distribution packages and leverage an intuitive application experience to organize and oversee the software feeds to which systems can subscribe.

Optimize the Software Deployment Process

You can improve software configuration compliance and the speed of program updates, including dependency awareness, versioning, and component-level updates, with tools to deploy to multiple systems simultaneously.

Perform Remote Device Configuration and Diagnostics

You can access a central view of connected systems and installed devices as well as a variety of remote configuration functions. All system events are tracked and logged for historical auditing.