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NI is a leading supplier of tools and systems that help you design, build, and deploy new test sets, support technology refreshes, and manage component obsolescence. Make NI a strategic test partner to lower the cost and risk of your programs.

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Test engineering leaders must manage cost and risk when building test capability and managing legacy programs. Aerospace and defense organizations across the world are being asked to learn and integrate new RF and wireless technologies, manage new and often unbudgeted corporate or government mandates, and maintain legacy test equipment for years longer than originally planned. For decades, the aerospace and defense industry has used NI’s modular instrumentation and application software to reduce the overall cost and risk associated with the test and support of its products. NI has worked with thousands of engineers and leadership teams to manage risk and generate a sustainable market advantage through advancements in test engineering and operational support.

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The Alliance Partner Network includes more than 950 companies that specialize in complete solutions. From products and systems to integration, consulting, and training services, NI Alliance Partners are uniquely equipped and skilled to help solve some of the toughest engineering challenges.

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Aerospace and Defense Test Webinar Series

See how building on a modular, interoperable instrumentation platform and a tiered software architecture minimizes effort to implement new measurement capabilities and perform technology refreshes.