The Industry-Standard Test Management Software

Develop and deploy automated test and validation systems faster with TestStand, the industry-standard test management software.

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What Is TestStand?

TestStand is industry-standard test management software that helps test and validation engineers build and deploy automated test systems faster. TestStand includes a ready-to-run test sequence engine that supports multiple test code languages, flexible result reporting, and parallel/multithreaded test.

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Why Choose TestStand?

Although TestStand includes many features out of the box, it is designed to be highly extensible. As a result, tens of thousands of users worldwide have chosen TestStand to build and deploy custom automated test systems. NI offers training and certification programs that nurture and validate the skills of over 1,000 TestStand users annually.

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Getting Started With TestStand

View short video demos that showcase some common features and functions in the TestStand environment.

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Where Is TestStand Used?

Learn why test managers choose TestStand to build and deploy competitive test systems.

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TestStand Semiconductor Module

Simplify how you build and deploy semiconductor characterization and production test systems with the TestStand Semiconductor Module. Features include DUT-centric multisite programming, handler/prober test cell integration, and STDF logging.

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