Digital Energy Technology Webcast Series

Advancements in embedded computing, sensing, and signal processing along with high-efficiency power electronics are rapidly changing the way we produce, transfer, and consume energy. Energy is going digital, and the technologies used to control and instrument energy systems are transitioning from analog to digital. Watch this free four-part webcast series to learn how the digitization of energy technologies is impacting the industry, how National Instruments is making development investments to enable a successful energy future, and how companies are designing their digital energy embedded systems using state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Featured Webcasts

The Digital Energy Revolution: Changing the Way Energy Is Produced, Transferred, and Consumed

What’s wrong with the embedded systems design process for the smart grid? Learn how NI R&D teams are eliminating the most important bottlenecks in the development process. See how you can apply new tools and technologies from NI to tackle these challenges head on.

Duration – 34 minutes

Owen Golden—Vice President, Global Energy Segment, NI
Brian MacCleery—Principal Product Manager for Clean Energy, NI
Dr. James Truchard—President, CEO, and Cofounder, NI

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Smart Maintenance and Control of Electrical Power Generation

The power grid is moving from a one-way system in which power flows from a few central generation units to a system of many distributed generation and storage resources. Utilities and grid operators are rethinking how they manage their networks and assets. Learn strategies for overcoming generation deployment constraints.

Duration – 41 minutes

Bob Leigh, P.Eng.—CEO, Prolucid LocalGrid Technologies Inc.
Yvonne Lin—Industrial Marketing Manager, Xilinx
Kamalina Srikant—Market Development Manager, Asset Monitoring, NI

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Modernizing Transmission and Distribution With Intelligent Electronic Devices

Using reconfigurable intelligent electronic device development tools, companies around the world are creating highly customized embedded systems that address the specific needs of the modern smart grid. Expand your knowledge of modern smart grid measurement and analysis techniques.

Duration – 41 minutes

Tim Appleton—Business Development Manager, Energy Sector, Intel
Daniel Kaminsky, PhD—Director, Division of Virtual Instrumentation, Elcom
Roberto Piacentini—Senior Manager, Strategic Business Development, Global Energy Segment, NI

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Creating Megawatts of Energy Conservation Through Energy Management

More than ever, large power consumers want access to timely, meaningful data about their energy consumption. Learn how the latest tools in energy management are being used to intelligently identify excessive consumption, conserve energy, increase efficiency, and save money.

Duration – 24 minutes

Brett Burger—Senior Product Marketing Manager, Embedded I/O, NI
Hugo Yza—Owner, Energyza

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