The DIAdem Environment

DIAdem is software specifically designed to help engineers and scientists quickly locate, inspect, analyze, and report on measurement data using one software tool.

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Locate and Load Volumes of Data From Any Source

Create simple or advanced search queries to quickly find data located anywhere on a disk or network. Load several file formats out of the box or use free DataPlugins to interface with custom file formats.

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Interactively Visualize, Analyze, and Report Your Data

With interactive dialogue configurations, data can be compared side by side from multiple channels, analyzed using hundreds of engineering calculations, and exported to custom reports.

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Save Time by Automating Tasks

Capture the steps you interactively perform as a script, or write your own code to automate repetitive parts of your data processing workflow.

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Northrop Grumman Uses DIAdem for Data Management

Omar Mussa

Northrop Grumman Space Technology

"Using DIAdem and the DataPlugin architecture, Northrop Grumman created an inexpensive method for quickly locating, organizing, and analyzing binary telemetry data."

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