Remote Control Module for VXI

1-Slot, LXI-Wired Trigger Supported, MXI-Express Remote Control Module for VXI—The VXI-8360LT is a single-slot VXIbus extender. Its bus interface for C-size modules conforms to the VXIbus Mainframe Extender Specification (VXI-6) from the VXIbus Consortium. You can extend the eight TTL backplane triggers over a wired VXI backplane trigger bus through convenient front panel connectors. The wired VXI backplane trigger bus allows an event in one system to trigger events in other VXI systems. With the wired trigger bus physical interface, you can construct large multidrop systems and reliable triggering over large distances. The trigger bus is connected in a daisy-chain topology and can support up to six devices and 20 m of cables.

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