What’s New in the CompactRIO Platform

CompactRIO Controllers—Now with Wi-Fi

New embedded controllers with dual-band, 802.11 wireless communication capabilities connect directly to your Wi-Fi infrastructure to help you to easily monitor systems where running cables is difficult or expensive.

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New CompactRIO Products and Features

New Single-Board Controllers Increase Performance

The Xilinx Zynq All Programmable SoC and Linux deliver more performance and openness. Add new features while reusing existing hardware and software designs.

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Condition Monitoring Software to Improve Asset Uptime

NI InsightCM™ Enterprise helps you to acquire, analyze, and visualize data for an in-depth view of the health of your assets so you can cost-effectively maintain reliability.

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New C Series Modules Offer More I/O Capabilities

Modules feature new measurement types and faster rates to meet your I/O needs.

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