NI CompactDAQ Setup and Support

CompactDAQ was designed with ease of use in mind from both a software and hardware perspective. CompactDAQ chassis are automatically detected and configured by Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and CompactDAQ controllers are preloaded with the required software for configuration and setup. Furthermore, chassis or controllers can automatically detect I/O modules when they are inserted into an available slot; the system knows immediately which type of signals the module can measure or generate.

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Out-of-Box Experience


USB Systems

  1. CompactDAQ USB chassis provide the plug-and-play simplicity of USB to sensor and electrical measurements. Watch this introductory video to learn how to set up your system, from unpacking your hardware and software to taking your first measurement.

Wireless Systems

  1. With simple network configuration and 802.11 WiFi connectivity, CompactDAQ wireless chassis make it easier than ever to take your measurement system to the sensor. Watch this introductory video for the step-by-step setup process.

Ethernet Systems

  1. To make networking more accessible to the non-IT professional, CompactDAQ Ethernet chassis use the zero configuration networking (zeroconf) standard. Watch this introductory video to walk through the setup process.

Integrated Controllers

  1. CompactDAQ controllers integrate processing with the option to run Windows Embedded Standard 7 or a real-time OS preloaded with the required software for configuration and setup. Watch this introductory video to see the setup process for each option.

Services, Support, and Training Options

Below are the key resources you can leverage to calibrate, repair, and optimize your CompactDAQ system. Browse between service options, product support forums, product user manuals, and in-person training opportunities.

Learn about hardware services for calibration, warranty, and system configuration

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Contact an engineer for immediate support and to troubleshoot technical issues

Sign up for training courses specifically for LabVIEW and CompactDAQ users