Circuits and Electronics Teaching Demos

Explore how an integrated teaching strategy for circuits and electronics gives students the ability to move seamlessly from theory to simulation to experimentation. By combining a circuit simulator with educational hardware that is based on industry-standard technology, students gain experience that solidifies their understanding of foundational circuits and electronics concepts.

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Operational Amplifiers

Guide students to understand the benefit of using operational amplifiers, or op amps, in electronic circuit design.

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Analog Circuits

Give students hands-on experience using cutoff frequency and active low pass filtering in analog electronic circuits.

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Digital Logic

Provide students with experiential learning of foundational concepts of digital logic in electronic circuit design.

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Power Electronics

Give students the experience they need to gain a strong foundation of power electronics concepts like buck converters and a three-phase inverters.

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NI hardware, software, and courseware are used in engineering curriculums around the world. Read more about the ways that educators are bringing hands-on learning into the classroom.

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