Expansion Module for CompactRIO

Up to 480 GB SSD Expansion Module for CompactRIO—The cRIO-9803 provides a bus-powered USB SATA bridge to a full-length mSATA solid-state drive (SSD). This module uses a USB Type C connector with integrated cable retention. It also works with devices that feature other types of USB connectors, such as CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers, Industrial Controllers, and PXI Controllers. The cRIO-9803 is available in 64 GB SLC for high endurance in rugged environments, in 480 GB MLC for high-capacity data storage, and for use with a customer-supplied SSD. Additionally, the cRIO-9803 features the same rugged shock and vibration ratings as other CompactRIO modules and can be mechanically connected to a controller for integration using mounting accessories.