Wind Energy

The global adoption of wind energy as a reliable source for clean energy is rising. It has become more important for component manufacturers and turbine integrators to increase component production rate, improve system reliability, and overcome grid integration challenges to implement faster adoption of wind energy and ultimately global independence from oil- and coal-based energy sources. A shift toward improved technology for automated component testing, online condition monitoring, and grid integration control can help solve these challenges. Learn about these essential technologies for test, control, and monitoring and how National Instruments products are driving innovation in the wind energy industry.

Wind Component Testing and Validation

  • Generator/Gearbox Testing
  • Acoustic Emissions Testing
  • Blade Testing

Wind Condition Monitoring

  • Low cost of entry for up-tower, embedded, and online monitoring
  • High-performance, high-channel-count systems for efficient dynamometer and factory assurance testing
  • Embedded processing for real-time signal analysis, data logging, and control

Wind Control Design and Deployment

  • Pitch/Yaw Control
  • HIL Turbine Simulation
  • Power Inverter Control

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