NI Alliance Partner Network: Frequently Asked Questions

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See frequently asked questions about Alliance Partner Network membership, resources, and using the Partner Portal or Alliance Partner Directory.

Table of Contents

  1. Membership
  2. Alliance Partner Directory and Partner Portal
  3. Benefits/Support

1. Membership

How long is the application process?

Applying to the Alliance Partner Network is easy. It takes between 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the online application. We then process your application and inform you within two weeks (on average) if your application has been approved or denied.


How do I know when I am approved?

You receive an email from the Alliance Partner Network within two weeks of submitting your online application.


How do I apply?

Fill out the online application at


How do I get a specialty?

First, make sure you are at least a Silver Alliance Partner. Second, check that you meet the requirements. Third, email explaining your interest.


Is NI certification required for all Alliance Partners? (Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) or Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) required for all Alliance Partners?)

Yes. To enter the Alliance Partner Network, you must have at least one CLD on staff. To move up to the other levels, you must increase the number of CLDs and CLAs on staff.


Is there a membership fee? (As an Alliance Partner, do I have to pay for an annual NI Alliance Partner Software (SRL) License?)

All Alliance Partners must purchase a license of the NI Alliance Partner Software (SRL) annually, which counts as their membership fee. The Alliance Partner Software is available in several seat options and prices. Learn more about NI Alliance Partner Software (SRL).


Is the Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) certification required for all Platinum Alliance Partners?

Yes. To grow and sustain a successful integration company that meets customers’ current and future requirements, Platinum Alliance Partners need to develop good business and management skills in addition to technical knowledge and certifications. CSIA is still the best way for NI to ensure Alliance Partners are operating as well as possible and meeting the highest standards for business and management. Preparing for the audit and becoming CSIA certified is a difficult task, but it ultimately results in Alliance Partners improving their business operations.


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2. Alliance Partner Directory and Partner Portal

How do I update my company profile?

Log in to Under the “Shortcuts” box, select “Update Company Profile.” You can then update the section you want changed. Please ensure you click on the “Submit” button after making your changes.


How do I add branch locations or other members to my profile?

To add a branch location, you must add a name of a contact at your branch location. To do this, log in to and go to the “Shortcuts” box. Select “Update Company Profile” and then select the “Locations” tab. After doing this, click on “Manage Branches and Team Members” at the bottom of the page. Then click on “Add a branch or an additional team member at an existing location.” Fill out the information required. If a branch, make sure you select “yes” in the pull-down menu. Note: An individual’s email address must contain your company’s email domain to be approved. Also, make sure this is also the same email the individual uses as their NI User Profile.


How do I add a logo to my profile?

To add your company logo to your online profile, please use the shortcuts function for “Update Company Profile” from the Partner Portal.  From there you will see a place to upload your logo.


What items can I post on my profile?

You can add your company logo, descriptions of your company, videos, data sheets, case studies, and products. You can also ask your customers to fill out a review of your company.


What marketing resources are available to me?

After logging in to the Alliance Partner Portal, you have access to the Marketing Handbook, which is a compilation of best practices from NI experts in different marketing areas including direct mail, events, and public relations. In addition, you have access to webcasts and articles on specific marketing topics. You can also download your Alliance Partner logo under the “Downloads” section in the “Shortcuts” box.


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3. Benefits/Support

Who should be my NI sponsor?

If you are a system integrator or consultant, your NI sponsor should be your local NI field sales representative (either a field sales engineer or district sales manager). If you are a partner who develops complementary products, your NI sponsor should be an NI product marketing manager.


When can Alliance Partners change their membership levels?

Alliance Partners can change levels at any time. Please work with your NI sales sponsor to ensure you meet all the requirements to move up a level in the program.


Who do I go to for help?

For assistance, contact


As an Alliance Partner, can I hire a LabVIEW consultant to help me?

Yes. There is no restriction on Alliance Partners hiring other Alliance Partners.


What is the process to become a Gold or Platinum Alliance Partner?

Gold and Platinum Alliance Partners must meet all membership requirements and be approved by regional sales management (up to branch manager/regional sales manager), respective vice president of sales for the region, and the corporate Alliance Partner Network manager. For more details on the process, contact your NI sales sponsor.

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