Ford at the Forefront of Innovation

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Since 1992, Ford Motor Company has been dedicated to fuel cell system (FCS) R&D. Despite significant research progress, several deficiencies have prevented fuel cell systems from becoming a commercially viable technology; a technology that is competitive with conventional internal combustion-based power trains.

Listen to the following interview to hear how the Ford team embarked on a groundbreaking fuel cell system design that would demonstrate significant improvements in areas such as system lifetime and freeze starting.

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Awesome!  - Apr 9, 2011

Please wake up America that this exists. Too many think this is in the future not today. It is great to understand it better. Thanks

Ford at the Forefront of Innovation  - Sep 12, 2010

I have a light background in electronics and extensive background in auto service, But i am sad to say i did not understand much of what was said. I found this link off my website, and i can guarantee you most of the population will be like a lost monkey watching this video.

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