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Vision Webcast Series

Get started with machine vision by joining industry experts as they share insights about the latest imaging technologies and strategies that can help you save money, ensure quality, and improve yields. Eleven presenters from integration firms and leading tools providers lend their expert advice on how to choose the components of your vision systems, and how to take advantage of emerging technologies in areas such as 3D and infrared.

Technology Focus

Keynote Introduction and How to Specify Vision System Hardware

National Instruments Vice-President John Hanks will kick off the vision webcast series by sharing his thoughts on machine vision and image processing. Then explore the components that form a vision system, including smart cameras, embedded vision systems, and PC-based systems, and discuss the benefits of each platform and cover suitable use cases for each system to help you choose the right hardware for your applications.

View Presentations by:

John Hanks, Vice President of Industrial and Embedded Products – National Instruments
Kamalina Srikant, Product Manager for Machine Vision – National Instruments

Fundamentals of Optics and Illumination

Learn the fundamentals of lenses, filters, and lighting and how to choose the right combination of components for your vision system. Explore basic concepts such as “field of view” and “working distance” and discuss a variety of topics including telecentrics, lighting geometries, spectral considerations, and topography.

View Presentations by:

Greg Hollows, Director of Machine Vision Solutions – Edmund Optics
Daryl Martin, Midwest Sales and Support Manager – Advanced Illumination

Cameras in Machine Vision

Today’s cameras cover different technologies, various interfaces, and a wide variety of applications. Learn about the different types of sensors, including charge-coupled devices (CCDs), CMOS, area-scan and line-scan; common imaging interfaces, such as IEEE 1394, USB, GigE Vision, and Camera Link; and how they can be used with common software. With thousands of cameras to choose from, learn how to go about choosing the right camera for your requirements.

View Presentations by:

Dr. Joachim Linkemann, Product Manager, Machine Vision – Basler Vision Technologies
Robert Eastlund, Vice President of Sales – Graftek Imaging

Application Focus

The Sum and Substance of 3D Vision

Learn about the different techniques for 3D imaging, including spectroscopy, using structured light, and laser triangulation. Focus on the technology behind 3D measurements and cover a range of challenges that 3D vision can meet.

View Presentations by:

Jim Anderson, Product Manager, Machine Vision – SICK Inc.
Matthew Slaughter, Vision Specialist – Cyth Systems

Introduction to Thermography – Machine Vision Beyond the Visible

Infrared imaging can bring to light the hidden conditions that may lead to shutdowns and lost productivity. This session will provide valuable insight into non-contact temperature measurements and explain how signal and image processing techniques can be used to solve machine vision applications involving thermal phenomena.

View Presentations by:

Jason Styron, Business Development Manager, Automation – FLIR Systems, Inc.
Markus Tarin, President & CEO - MoviTHERM

Image Processing for Medical Applications

Explore various image processing techniques for medical and scientific imaging through real-world examples. Dr. Nair will walk through several challenging yet common applications including cell segmentation, neuron detection, and cilia vibration measurement using a variety of methods including multichannel processing, filtering, image stitching, and statistical analysis.

View Presentation by:

Dr. Dinesh Nair, Principal Software Architect, Vision R&D - National Instruments