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1. Table of Contents

  1. DIAdem SCRIPT: Recording Mode
  2. DIAdem SCRIPT: User Dialog Boxes
  3. DIAdem SCRIPT: Linking Dialog Boxes to Scripts
  4. DIAdem SCRIPT: Debugging
  5. Additional Resources


DIAdem SCRIPT: Recording Mode

Create a script without having to program in VBScript. You can save and run the scripts again to replicate the recorded process.

  • Record any action performed in the DIAdem environment
  • Automate and save sequences for future use
  • Customize recorded scripts in SCRIPT panel


DIAdem SCRIPT: User Dialog Boxes

Create custom dialog boxes with the DIAdem Dialog Editor in the DIAdem SCRIPT panel. Use the shipped templates to get a quick result.

  • Edit shipped templates to fit your needs
  • Create new dialog boxes with specific functions as e.g. the tree control
  • Customize the scripting in the DIAdem Dialog Editor


DIAdem SCRIPT: Linking Dialog Boxes to Scripts

Incorporate dialog boxes into scripts by transferring class definitions to the script. Pass input values and button status to the script. Assign buttons to specific events.

  • Define classes with the input variables
  • Add these variables to your report
  • Customize the dialog box call


DIAdem SCRIPT: Debugging

Choose from several debugging functions to debug error messages or unexpected results. These functions include setting breakpoints, stepping through the script, and watching variables.

  • Limit errors by debugging step by step
  • Use watch window to monitor variables
  • Set breakpoints to pause script



Additional Resources

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