DIAdem ANALYSIS Tutorial Videos

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1. Table of Contents

  1. DIAdem ANALYSIS: Standard Functions
  2. DIAdem ANALYSIS: Units Catalog
  3. DIAdem ANALYSIS: Calculator
  4. Additional Resources


1. DIAdem ANALYSIS: Standard Functions

Access the important data analysis techniques of noise filtering and curve smoothing through the ANALYSIS panel. After you make your calculations, your results are stored in separate channels in the Data Portal and no original data is affected.

  • Use extensive libraries with standard mathematical functions
  • Drag and drop channels from the Data Portal to ANALYSIS dialog boxes
  • Store results in new channels in the Data Portal


2. DIAdem ANALYSIS: Units Catalog

Manage shipped unit sets, physical quantities, and symbols using the DIAdem Units Catalog. The catalog can be extended with user-defined units.

  • Change the units of loaded data
  • Conduct unit-based calculations
  • Create and store custom units



3. DIAdem ANALYSIS: Calculator

Use the Calculator dialog box to calculate simple or complex formulas. You can easily call data from the Data Portal in your formulas and save results in newly created channels. You can access the Calculator from the ANALYSIS, VIEW, and SCRIPT panels.

  • Make simple calculations
  • Create custom formulas
  • Export tested formulas to the Calculation Manager



4. Additional Resources

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