DIAdem VIEW Tutorial Videos

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1. Table of Contents

  1. DIAdem VIEW: Introduction
  2. DIAdem VIEW: Video Synchronization
  3. DIAdem VIEW: Projecting Data onto a model
  4. Additional Resources


1. DIAdem VIEW: Introduction

View data, edit and analyze all or specific sections of a data set. You can view the data in many formats to determine the best method for analysis.

  • View data channels in a table format
  • Observe curves in 2D Axis Systems
  • Compare and scroll graphs in different axis systems with different zoom factors


2. DIAdem VIEW: Video Synchronization

Use video to help understand what your data is describing. You can synchronize video clips with data, and play them in real time to correlate events in the data with events in the video.

  • Synchronize data curve time stamps to play with video
  • Observe how GPS Data gives insight to events in video
  • Watch the effects of loads or temperatures on data mapped to 3D Models


3. DIAdem VIEW: Displaying Data

Go beyond viewing data in table and graph formats and add colors to, for example, temperature values for easier analysis. You can also map those colors to a 3D model.

  • View how color mapped 3D models change as data changes
  • Rotate and resize 3D models in VIEW
  • Display data in Contour and Cascade Plots



4. Additional Resources

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