DIAdem NAVIGATOR Tutorial Videos

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1. Table of Contents

  1. DIAdem NAVIGATOR: Introduction
  2. DIAdem NAVIGATOR: Data Finder
  3. DIAdem NAVIGATOR: Data Portal
  4. Additional Resources


1. DIAdem NAVIGATOR: Introduction

Explore how DIAdem NAVIGATOR is an important starting point in data analysis. Learn how to locate and identify your data files in the File Browser, and how easy it is to load data into the Data Portal.  

  • Browse through data in the File Browser located on your computer or in the intranet
  • Preview file information before loading into DIAdem
  • Drag and drop data from the File Browser to the Data Portal


2. DIAdem NAVIGATOR: Data Finder

Search through your computer or connected network for specific files. Additionally you can create conditional queries to find the specific data you need to analyze.

  • Quickly search through files in added DataFinders
  • Use the Advanced Search to filter files by a date, name, or specific values
  • Connect to shared DataFinders on your network


3. DIAdem NAVIGATOR: Data Portal

The Data Portal allows you to access loaded or registered data from each of the different DIAdem panels. Once loaded, the data can then be organized and analyzed.

  • Preview selected channels in the Channel Preview window
  • Organize data by rearranging groups and channels
  • Edit channel information to add descriptions, change units, and alter display type




4. Additional Resources

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