Creating Simulation Models Using SCADE Suite by Esterel Technologies for Use in NI VeriStand

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This document describes how to use SCADE Suite application software to compile a simulation model for use in NI VeriStand software.

Table of Contents

Process Summary

Note: You must have a C code compiler installed to compile Scade models for use in NI VeriStand. Check NI VeriStand compiler compatibility to ensure that you have a compatible compiler.

Note: The attached video and the SCADE Suite software refer to LabVIEW SIT.  LabVIEW SIT built using SCADE are compatible with NI VeriStand, and the steps to build models for LabVIEW SIT are the same as the steps to build models for NI VeriStand.

Launch the SCADE Suite application software and load the model that you want to convert.

1) Select the Code Integration tab of the model configuration window.
    a) Set the model period to determine the simulation solver time step.
2) Select Project»Code Generator»Settings to bring up the compiler settings window.
    a) Select the General tab.
        i) Choose KGC 6.1.3 as the code generator.
        ii) Specify the Target Directory location for the compiled model.
    b) Select the Code Integration Tab.
        i) Choose LabVIEW SIT as the target.
    c) Select the LabVIEW SIT tab.
        i) Choose SCADE inputs from: Hardware I/O.
    d) Optional: If you want to perform cosimulation between SCADE and NI VeriStand, select the Enable White Box.
3) Select the Compiler tab.
    a) Select the compatible Microsoft Visual C compiler that you have installed.
4) Select Project»Code Generator»Build to start the build process.  SCADE will compile the model and place it in the specified directory.

Using the Model DLL

You can now import the SCADE model into your System Definition just as you would any other model. NI VeriStand Help and the NI VeriStand instructional video contain more information about importing models into the System Definition.

Required Software

To build and export simulation models SCADE Suite and a Microsoft C compiler are needed.  NI VeriStand is required to run the compiled model after it is built.

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