Creating Simulation Models Using Dymola and the Functional Model Interface for Use in NI VeriStand

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This document describes how to build Dymola models from Dassault Systems into NI VeriStand using the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) adapter add-on from Dofware.

Table of Contents

Building and Exporting Models Using the Dofware FMI Adapter for NI VeriStand

To export models for use in NI VeriStand, launch the Dymola application software and load the model that you want to export.

  1. Select Window»Mode»Simulation to open SimulationWindow.
  2. Select the green check box in the Simulation Window to check the model for FMI compatibility.
  3. Select Simulation»Translate»FMU»No Result Generation.
    1. The simulation compiles and generates an FMU file that you can import into NI VeriStand.
    2. The FMU file is located in the model project directory. The FMU file is the compiled model and can be used in the same way that a model DLL can be used.  

Using the Model DLL

You can now import the Dymola model into your System Definition just as you would any other model. NI VeriStand Help and the NI VeriStand instructional video contain more information about importing models into the System Definition. 

Additional Resources

Attached to this document is a step-by-step guide that walks you through taking an example model, compiling it, and importing it in NI VeriStand. For additional information about NI VeriStand, visit For additional information about the National Instruments hardware-in-the-loop platform, visit

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