Recording and Playing Macros Using the NI VeriStand Stimulus Profile Editor

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NI VeriStand includes Workspace tools for both recording and playing back macros. You can use these macros to automate tests and replicate specific operating conditions. With the Stimulus Profile Editor, you can programmatically deploy macros to further automate the testing process.

Table of Contents

Recording Macros

  1. To record a Workspace macro, select Tools»Macro Recorder to open up the Macro Recorder window.
  2. Press the record button and begin making changes to system channels from the Workspace.
  3. Press the Stop button to finish recording the macro.
  4. Select File»Save As to save your macro.


Playing Macros Using the Stimulus Profile Editor

  1. Expand the Other folder in the Steps Panel and drag the Macro Player step into a stimulus profile.
  2. Click on the folder icon and select the macro file you want to play back. 
  3. Select whether you want to play the values back as fast as possible or whether you want to use the original timing with which the macro was recorded with the Playback Mode option in the Property Browser.
  4. Run the stimulus profile to play the macro. 


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