TestStand Training and Certification

If you are considering purchasing TestStand, the NI training and certification program is the fastest, most effective way to develop and increase proficiency with both TestStand software and NI hardware. NI trains and certifies thousands of engineers worldwide every year, and offers a variety of courses for different skill levels and applications. NI offers two TestStand training courses for beginning and advanced users in four formats to meet schedule and budget constraints. In addition, NI offers two levels of TestStand certification to validate the skills learned in the training.

Training Accessible Across the Globe

Worldwide, NI trains over 20,000 users annually. Courses are taught in more than 40 countries and in more than 12 different languages. So, no matter where you are located, National Instruments training is available nearby. In addition, NI has a rapidly growing base of active certified TestStand users, giving you a community of skilled users to draw upon for help if you need it. 


Training Courses for the Problem You Want to Solve

Whether you are considering using TestStand for the first time or are an intermediate or advanced user looking to build or demonstrate your skills, NI offers the training and certification options you need to be successful. NI offers two courses on TestStand development topics.  TestStand I covers the basics of the TestStand environment, while TestStand II explores methods for customizing the environment for more complex systems. With two different certification levels that validate skill levels ranging from competent users to architects, there is also a well-defined mechanism for establishing a technical leadership structure based on objective criteria in your organization.



Note: While TestStand supports code module development in a number of programming languages and environments, the course exercise procedures dealing with code modules were developed in LabVIEW and LabWindowsTM/CVI. For the best experience, students will need to be familiar with either LabVIEW or LabWindows, allowing for timely completion of exercises to enable focus on the TestStand environment. NI recommends that students have previously attended LabVIEW Core 1 or LabWindows/CVI Core I.


Choose the Course Format and Purchase Option That Is Right for You

NI lets you train the way you learn best: in classrooms throughout the world, at your desk, or at your office. 

  • Regional courses – Instructor-led, classroom-based training with a low student to teacher ratio
  • Online courses – Instructor-led, Web-based training that is live and just as interactive as classroom-based training, but from the convenience of your desk
  • On-site – Need to train a group of engineers from your company? On-site training brings the instructor to you
  • Self-paced – Purchase the course materials, including exercises, and learn at your own pace    

Take advantage of substantial discounts by participating in the NI Training and Certification Membership Program, which ensures maximum skill development for the best value by providing unlimited access to NI courses and certifications for six months, one year, or two years.  Or purchase now and schedule later with training credits, redeemable for training courses, memberships, or certification exams at a later date.


Proficiency = Productivity = Profitability

Research shows that NI training leads to significant improvements in the quality of your applications and the efficiency with which you are able to develop them. On average, past training customers reported that NI training led to a 43 percent reduction in time spent on code maintenance, 50 percent faster application development, and 66 percent faster skill development. Here are a few comments from recent training customers:


"TestStand I is a great course, I highly recommend it."

– Senior Applications Engineer, Alfautomazione


 "The TestStand I course provided me extensive hands-on opportunities with the exercises. Great course!"

– Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments


NI guarantees your satisfaction with its training courses. The NI money-back guarantee provides you the assurance for your training course experience. With the success guarantee, you can confidently measure your skills from your training by earning professional NI credentials. NI guarantees your success for the exam associated with your training course and will offer a free repeat for your course should you fail your exam. 

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