Application Areas: Where Is TestStand Used?

From providing the superior reliability needed for testing the latest hearing aids and pacemakers to optimizing test throughput for cell phone and television manufacturing, TestStand has proven to be the industry standard for test automation.

The advanced functionality that TestStand provides out of the box coupled with its complete customizability has led to adoption in consumer electronics for validation and manufacturing test, military and aerospace applications, medical device tests, as well as semiconductor IC characterization.

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Featured Application Areas

Military, Defense, and Aerospace Test

TestStand is used in a wide variety of complex mil/aero systems composed of hundreds of subsystems that are often built by multiple contractors. The ability to interface with industry-standard technologies like ATML, IVI, PXI, ATLAS, requirements management tools, and others coupled with its legacy support and proven stability allow companies to standardize on TestStand for extremely long product life cycles.

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Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Test

Shortening product life cycles and the increasing complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s consumer electronics devices poses an ever-increasing challenge to electronics manufacturers. TestStand provides a ready-to-use solution that allows easy code reuse between products and the ability to interface with the latest technologies. In addition, its advanced parallel testing capabilities allow companies to maximize their manufacturing throughput.

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Automotive Test

Automotive companies rely on TestStand to reduce test development time by providing out-of-the-box functionality and integration with automotive communication standards like CAN for testing powertrain and electronic control units to the consumer electronics components in vehicles.

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Medical Devices Test

Providing accelerated test development and consistent testing, TestStand has been used to automate the testing of life critical medical devices all the way from design validation to production testing.

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Design Verification and Validation Test

With rapid prototyping, product designs get increasingly complex and older traditional methods of validation testing are no longer efficient. TestStand offers an easy-to-use automation environment to develop reusable tests that can be used across designs while providing an unprecedented level of consistency.

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Semiconductor Characterization

Semiconductor chip designs are constantly increasing in complexity, which requires more advanced test systems to characterize performance. To reduce the overall cost of chip test, many leading semiconductor companies have adopted TestStand and a software-defined approach for characterizing chips that range from analog-to-digital-converters to power management ICs.

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