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NI LabVIEW Campus Workshops

If you are interested in learning more about programming with drag-and-drop, graphical function blocks instead of writing lines of text, the three-hour LabVIEW campus workshop is right for you. Whether you are a professor integrating LabVIEW into a course or an engineering student looking to enhance a design project, this workshop helps you start programming with the ultimate system design software.

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Here is an overview of how this course prepares you:

  1. Use LabVIEW to create simple applications.
  2. Understand front panels, block diagrams, icons, and connector panes.
  3. Use built-in LabVIEW functions for mathematics and signal processing.
  4. Create applications that communicate with USB DAQ devices.
  5. Meet engineering professionals from National Instruments.

Topics Covered in a Standard Campus Workshop

This workshop uses the concept of reverse engineering to reconstruct an audio equalizer all in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

  1. Section 1 - Setup Hardware
  2. Section 2 - Introduction to the LabVIEW Environment
  3. Section 3 - Acquire an Analog Signal From an MP3 Device
  4. Section 4 - Process an Analog Signal
  5. Section 5 - Output a Signal to Speakers

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Submit a request to have a highly trained NI field engineer deliver a customized workshop at your school. An NI representative will return your email within one to three business weeks.

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Email your professors or advisors a link to this page and ask them to schedule a campus workshop for your school.

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