Switch Executive

Switch Executive

Develop and deploy intelligent switch systems faster with Switch Executive, a leading switch management and routing application.

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Switch Executive is an intelligent switch management and routing application that accelerates development and simplifies maintenance of complex switch systems. The point-and-click graphical configuration, automatic routing capabilities, and intuitive channel aliases make it easy to design and document your test system.

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What Is Switch Executive?

Learn how Switch Executive can help accelerate development and simplify maintenance of complex switch systems.

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Download a fully functional version of Switch Executive you can evaluate free of charge for up to 30 days.

Save Money With a Suite

The LabVIEW Automated Test Suite combines Switch Executive with the LabVIEW Professional Development System and TestStand.

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Getting Started

View short demos showcasing some common Switch Executive features, including integration with TestStand.

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Using Switches With TestStand

Learn how TestStand integrates switching to increase test system efficiency by automatically controlling switching operations within test sequences.

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Watch an Example From Start to Finish

This short demo walks you through the rapid development of switch systems using Switch Executive, including tips and tricks for making your switch configuration scalable and maintainable.

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