Semiconductor Test System Services and Support

You expect NI products to help you solve some of the most challenging engineering problems; expect the same level of capability in our services. NI offers specialized service programs for the Semiconductor Test System (STS) designed to meet the critical uptime needs of semiconductor test applications, while helping to minimize maintenance and ensure long-term success. With every STS deployment, NI partners with you to determine the level of service that best meets your application needs and budget requirements.

Compare service programs for the STS

Minimize Unplanned Downtime: Repair, Spare, and Replacement Parts

NI has the global infrastructure and resources to help you manage a tiered sparing model across your installed base of the STS. NI can provide flexible service options from a regional inventory of spares that can be shipped the same day to an on-site spares inventory that you can access in minutes.

Resolve Issues Quickly: Round-the-Clock-Access to an Engineer

Whether you’re in development or production, you have the option to choose a level of technical support that best meets your needs. For STS, NI offers 8x5 technical support for your day-to-day needs or 24x7 technical support for when maximizing uptime is critical. You can obtain support by phone, through email, or on-site with one of our global field engineers.

Optimize Test Performance: Calibration Services

In addition to system calibration features of STS, NI provides on-site and laboratory calibration options for the STS to meet a wide range of needs. NI is a proven veteran with unrivaled experience calibrating precision instrumentation—over 10 years calibrating PXI instruments and more than 20 years working with calibrating precision instrumentation.

Maximize Efficiency: On-Site Training and Engineering Support

Maximize efficiency and get up and running faster with on-site training, system bring-up, and technical support services. When your systems are up and running, minimize unplanned downtime by proactively having an engineer on-site for preventive maintenance and health check services.