Structural Test

NI hardware and software tools help engineers quickly develop and customize systems to perform any test on any structure, including static, fatigue, aerodynamic, impact, vibration, blast, and ballistic tests. NI combines its industrial control and instrumentation hardware expertise with the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment to deliver the industry’s easiest-to-use and highest performance solutions for structural test. NI tools are applicable to a wide variety of industries including military, aerospace, naval, automotive, civil, renewable energy, medical, and composites.

Static and Fatigue Test

  • Learn how the modular PXI platform and LabVIEW can meet and exceed your requirements for static and fatigue testing
  • Discover how to integrate NI measurement hardware with options for advanced control
  • Find solutions to build a high-accuracy measurement system

Dynamic Test

  • Explore solutions for wind tunnel testing, modal testing and more
  • Measure dynamic strain, pressure, and sound with 24-bit resolution
  • Manage, visualize, and analyze large amounts of data collected during testing

Reference Example

  • Browse ready-to-use structural test reference systems and examples
  • Discover how to synchronize high-channel-count structural test systems
  • Explore best practices for architecting and developing large systems

Benefits of NI Solutions for Structural Test

Explore how engineers are using NI hardware and software tools together to quickly develop and customize systems to perform any test on any structure.

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High-Performance Sensor Measurements on the PXI Platform

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Structural Health Monitoring

Examine NI solutions for monitoring structures operating in the field.

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