Why Choose Single-Board RIO?

Single-Board RIO controllers offer improved productivity to give you a sustained competitive advantage. Learn how these products can benefit your next embedded design.

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Maximize ROI, Decrease Risk, and Improve Time to Market

Single-Board RIO controllers offer you the flexibility of a custom solution to meet your project requirements with the productivity of an off-the-shelf product to help you improve development time, reduce project risk, and maintain a competitive advantage. Your team can focus on the unique features of your application rather than implement the low-level hardware and software components that add risk and cost to a project.

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Develop With Products That Have Tested Reliability

Requirements for reliability come in many shapes and sizes and are unique for each application. Reliability can mean anything from the uptime of a long-term deployment to the ability to operate in a specific environment. NI focuses on verification and validation to provide quality products that have been deployed in critical applications such as medical devices, harsh environments such as oil and gas fields, and long-term deployments such as smart grid applications. For example, as part of the validation process Single-Board RIO controllers undergo simulation and component test for electrical, shock and vibration test for mechanical, and stress test for software.

Improve Performance With Intuitive FPGA Programming

With reconfigurable FPGA technology, you can perform high-speed signal processing, high-speed or deterministic control, inline signal processing, and custom timing and triggering. For control systems, you can run advanced algorithms directly in the FPGA fabric to minimize latency and maximize loop rates. The LabVIEW FPGA Module extends the LabVIEW development platform to provide an alternative to HDL through a graphical programming approach that simplifies the task of interfacing to I/O and communicating data to improve productivity and reduce time to market.

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Reduce Sustaining Efforts by Off-Loading Life Cycle Management

Your product life cycle doesn’t end after you develop and deploy your system. Throughout the product’s life, you have to constantly manage sustaining and maintaining the design as various components become EOL. This can take resources, time, and money. NI manages all of the sustaining and maintenance work for Single-Board RIO controllers throughout their life cycles, and you can extend this with a service contract, so you can focus more of your effort on new product development. Before a product becomes end of life, NI offers a replacement product that features the latest technology, giving you the ability to reuse the majority of your hardware and software investment to quickly update the system and have access to more performance and the latest features.

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Innovate Faster With the NI Ecosystem

Build reliable, rugged solutions backed by certification and formal training; systems integration and services; and a thriving network of partners, products, and IP. Leverage the Embedded Specialty group of NI Alliance Partners with proven expertise around Single-Board RIO for consulting services, electronic hardware design, software development, and manufacturing services, or receive help from the community with the Hardware Developers Community for Single-Board RIO and System on Module.

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