Why Choose NI Single-Board RIO?

Learn several reasons to rely on NI Single-Board RIO for control and acquisition.

Flexible Embedded Hardware

NI Single-Board RIO devices feature a real-time processor, a reconfigurable FPGA, and a variety of I/O options that range from onboard analog I/O and digital I/O (DIO) to a high-density, high-bandwidth connector for direct access to the FPGA. You can use the high-density connector on the DIO and multifunction I/O (MIO) boards to connect up to two board-level NI C Series modules or use the high-density connector to develop custom RIO Mezzanine Cards for the DIO and MIO boards or custom carrier boards for the system on module (SOM) to meet specific application needs.

Intuitive FPGA Programming

With the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module, create custom measurement and control hardware using graphical programming without having expertise in low-level hardware description languages or board-level design. You can use this custom hardware for unique timing and triggering routines, ultrahigh-speed control, interfacing to digital protocols, digital signal processing (DSP), communications, and many other applications that require high-speed hardware reliability and tight determinism. Use the module to develop, compile, and deploy applications to the NI Single-Board RIO onboard FPGA.

Advanced Control

With NI Single-Board RIO, develop control systems that span from simple proportional integral derivative control to advanced dynamic control such as a model predictive control. You can run these control algorithms deterministically and, because of the parallel nature of FPGA processing, adding computation does not reduce the overall performance of the application. For motion control systems, use the LabVIEW SoftMotion Module to create customized motion controllers for better performance and flexibility.

Signal Processing and Analysis

NI Single-Board RIO is built on the LabVIEW graphical system design programming approach, which includes thousands of advanced functions created specifically for industrial measurement and control applications. You can use these powerful tools to easily perform advanced signal processing, frequency analysis, and digital signal processing. Examples include Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), time-frequency analysis, sound and vibration, wavelet analysis, curve fitting, and control design and simulation. You also can extend LabVIEW with application-specific functions for machine vision, motion control, and machine condition monitoring.

Quality High-Speed Analog Measurements

For over 35 years, NI has specialized in high-accuracy measurements with high-performance analog front-end design. Many applications require a combination of low-speed static measurements, such as temperature, and high-speed dynamic measurements, such as sound and vibration. NI Single-Board RIO provides multiple types of high-quality measurements all within a single system.