What’s New in Single-Board RIO

Improved Performance and More Openness

Three new Single-Board RIO products offer improved performance with the Zynq All Programmable SoC and more openness with Linux in the same form factor. You can now add new features to your existing systems while reusing hardware and software designs.

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Single-Board RIO Products and Features

NI’s First System on Module

The NI System on Module (SOM) offers improved customizability over digital and multifunction I/O devices by offering a smaller form factor and the ability to implement only the I/O required.

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General-Purpose Inverter Controller (GPIC)

The Single-Board RIO GPIC is designed to meet cost, I/O, and performance for high-volume clean energy and smart-grid power electronics systems.

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Electronic Design Partners

Enlist an NI Alliance Partner to help with your next design project using NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware.

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