What’s New in NI Single-Board RIO

NI Single-Board RIO General Purpose Inverter Controller (GPIC)

The NI Single-Board RIO GPIC helps you deliver clean energy and smart-grid power electronics systems to market faster with significantly lower cost and risk. The FPGA-based system meets the cost, I/O, and performance needs of most high-volume smart-grid power electronics control applications.

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New NI Single-Board RIO Products and Features

Smaller Size, More Peripherals

Explore the new NI Single-Board RIO devices with built-in analog I/O, added peripherals, and expanded customization options.

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Embedded Systems Outlook

Learn about some of the most pressing trends and challenges facing design teams building embedded control and monitoring systems.

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Electronic Design Partners

Enlist an NI Alliance Partner to help with your next design project using NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware.

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