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NI Single-Board RIO General Purpose Inverter Controller (GPIC)

With the NI Single-Board RIO GPIC, you can bring grid-tied power electronic systems to market with significantly lower cost and risk. The FPGA-based system is designed to meet the cost, I/O, and performance needs of most high-volume commercial power electronics control applications, including DC-to-AC, AC-to-DC, DC-to-DC, and AC-to-AC converters for smart-grid flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), renewable energy generation, energy storage, and variable speed drive applications. It is programmed using a comprehensive NI LabVIEW graphical system design toolchain that includes simulation. Here are a few other benefits you receive:

  • Save an average of 114 person-months per design and complete your development in half the time with a team that is 60 percent smaller.
  • Develop your proprietary FPGA-based control algorithms without any knowledge of Verilog and VHDL using LabVIEW graphical programming and a high-fidelity power electronics circuit simulation environment.
  • Gain the competitive advantage of using cutting-edge Xilinx FPGA technology that outperforms typical dual-core digital signal processors (DSPs) performance by a factor of 40X per dollar, 24X per chip, and 10X per watt.
  • Add smart-grid network communication, power quality analysis, and local or cloud-based data logging using the onboard real-time VxWorks processor.

What Is NI Single-Board RIO GPIC?

This product is a cost-effective, prevalidated, deployment-ready embedded system with a specific set of analog and digital I/O for FPGA-based power electronics control and monitoring.

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Why Choose NI Single-Board RIO GPIC?

The NI Single-Board RIO GPIC and LabVIEW toolchain enable a revolutionary new embedded system design approach for rapid commercial deployment of advanced, field-reconfigurable digital energy conversion systems.

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Success Stories

Read examples of how the NI Single-Board RIO GPIC helps lower the cost and risk of developing advanced, next-generation FPGA-based power electronics control systems.

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Technical Details About NI Single-Board RIO GPIC