Volume License Startup Kit

New to the Volume License Program (VLP)? Here’s what to expect when you get started, make changes, or just want to get the most from the program.

Get Started With Your Volume License

Get started in just a few steps: Contact your local representative or send a message to agreements@ni.com so we can help guide you through the setup process. Then you can download and configure the NI Volume License Manager (VLM) tool.

Contact Us | Download VLM

Make Changes To Your Volume License

Whether you’re adding a new employee or redirecting a department to another project, you can make changes directly in the VLM tool. Some changes can affect your agreement, so contact us for assistance.

Configure VLM

Maintain Success With Your Volume License

Join our administrator community today for help with VLP. The Volume License Community features advanced training publications, notices of critical updates, and a forum to ask questions and get help.

Visit the community

Additional Resources

Here are other resources to help you get started or make changes.