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NI Standard Service Program

NI software includes a one-year membership to the Standard Service Program (SSP). Members maximize software investments with four primary benefits: technical support from degreed engineers, future software upgrades and updates, access to self-paced training modules, and download access to older versions of software.

What Features Are Included in SSP Membership?

  • Upgrades and Maintenance Releases
    Receive automatic shipments of all software updates at the time of release and at no additional cost.
  • Phone and Email Support
    Get up and running faster and save troubleshooting time with professional technical support from local NI engineers via direct phone or email. Request support.
  • Self-Paced Training Courses
    Get the most out of your software investment with skills from self-paced online training courses.
    See your SSP course entitlements | Learn about this training format | Access self-paced online training
  • Previous Software Versions
    Access current and older versions of NI software. Your serial number activates any older version of your software in addition to the version you purchased at NI Product Downloads.
  • Online Self-Help
    Access KnowledgeBase articles, troubleshooting guides, discussion forums, product manuals, examples, and downloads any time at NI Support Resources.

Premier technical support is an optional upgrade to SSP in some regions. Support-only service is a stand-alone option for those who require only phone and email support.

How Do I Renew?

View the current status of your contract and see your options for renewal with the Upgrade Advisor.

Ensure continued access to your SSP benefits with NI’s flexible, extended contract options:

  • Multiyear Contract: Purchase a multiyear (two years or more) contract to receive an additional discount.
  • Auto Renewal: Automatically extend your contract year to year to save time and continue your program benefits.

Contact your local sales representative to set up auto renewal or to hear more about NI software services.

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