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The accuracy of electronic components used in all instruments naturally drifts over time. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate instruments at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer. Calibration quantifies and improves the measurement performance of an instrument. Benefits of maintaining properly calibrated equipment include reduced measurement errors, consistency between measurements, increased production yields, and the assurance of accurate measurements. To help you meet your calibration needs, NI provides calibration support and services that include manual calibration procedures and services to calibrate your products.

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NI Calibration Services

All calibration services from NI are traceable to national and international standards and help you comply with quality programs like ISO 9001. In addition to these basic requirements, NI offers a number of calibration service levels to meet your more advanced needs for compliance.

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NI Calibration Service Programs

NI offers calibration service programs to help minimize your maintenance costs and ensure you are getting the level of service you require. These programs help you protect your investment in NI products for longer by covering all calibration and repair costs for extended durations.

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NI Service Centers

NI has an expansive network of service centers that work in conjunction with regional NI Certified Calibration Centers to meet your global needs for calibration service. These centers comply with global standards to ensure that you are getting the highest quality possible.

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Additonal Calibration Tools and Resources

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