Sensors are a critical piece to any measurement system converting physical phenomena such as temperature to an electrical signal. Combining sensors with NI hardware for signal conditioning and NI LabVIEW software can help you build and spec an entire measurement system in one place. NI offers a variety of the most common sensors to complete your measurement system. Tested for compatibility with NI products, these sensors feature quality construction from some of the leading brands in the industry.

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Thermocouple Connectors

Accessories for Use With Thermocouple Sensors

$ 51

Measurement Type: Temperature, Thermocouple
Analog Inputs: 1 DIFF · 20 bits
Measurement Type: Temperature, Thermocouple

Honeywell Model 41

Precision Low-Profile Load Cell

$ 1,161

Measurement Type: Load Cell

Honeywell Model 31

Mid-Range Precision Miniature Load Cell

$ 949

Measurement Type: Load Cell

Honeywell Model 13

Subminiature Compression Load Cell

$ 750 - $ 795

Measurement Type: Load Cell

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