Software Defined Radio

The Revolution in Rapid Prototyping

Combine the NI software defined radio platform and LabVIEW Communications System Design Software to prototype next-generation wireless communication systems.

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A Better Way to Build Wireless Systems

Working on the cutting edge of 5G wireless communications systems requires an approach that not only enhances typical processes, programming, and prototyping but also creates a design environment capable of scaling to problems and opportunities not even in existence yet.

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Prototyping Next-Generation Wireless Systems With SDR

Learn about the platform-based approach to designing next generation wireless systems that allows design teams to efficiently utilize new methods with our innovative tools.

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SDR User Community

Join a community of designers using LabVIEW Communications to build cutting-edge communications systems with SDR. These resources can help you get started, hone your skills, and provide help if you get stuck.

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SDR for Education

Developed in collaboration with instructors from around the world, NI SDR education solutions offer an affordable hands-on teaching platform that includes classroom-tested labs and lecture notes.

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Accelerate Your Innovation With SDR

Combine the SDR platform with LabVIEW Communications software to help you rapidly prototype ideas on an FPGA and outpace the competition.

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