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1 Platform, 0 Compromises: The Decision Is Binary With PXI

With enough processing power and bandwidth to turn 24 GB/s of raw data into real insight, the new eight-core, Intel Xeon-based PXI Express embedded controller and highest-bandwidth PXI Express chassis are a zero-compromise platform for reducing the cost of test of even the highest bandwidth and processor-intensive applications.

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Data Streaming With 24 GB/s System Bandwidth

As instrumentation performance and bandwidth continue to increase to meet the demands of test and measurement challenges, such as prototyping the next generation of wireless communication, the data communication bus must not be a bottleneck. Learn how PXI is delivering 24 GB/s system bandwidth.

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PXI Chassis Comparison Guide

Quickly view key differences—such as maximum system bandwidth, maximum slot bandwidth, and maximum power per slot—between NI’s portfolio of PXI and PXI Express chassis.

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Practical Guides for Developing Test Systems

Learn how to build a test system using PXI based on best practices shared by industry-leading test engineering teams that participate in NI customer advisory boards and the expertise of the NI test engineering and product R&D teams.

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