Prototyping Faster with Graphical System Design

Prototyping is a crucial part of the embedded design process. The ability to demonstrate and show your idea functioning to investors, customers and management is a great way to get your idea into someone's budget. National Instruments graphical system design tools have proven useful for getting a functional prototype working quickly without requiring a large design team. NI LabVIEW graphical programming tools can program ready-to-run NI hardware with built-in processors, FPGAs and I/O to prototype medical, green, robotics and industrial machine control applications faster.

Read the Eight Rules for Prototyping White Paper

How to Prototype

  • Investigate prototyping fundamentals
  • Learn how to develop faster with graphical programming tools
  • Explore ready-to-run prototyping hardware

Prototyping Applications

  • Medical, robotics, green and industrial machine control applications
  • View customer prototyping applications
  • Download NI prototyping resource kits

Evaluate NI Prototyping Tools

  • Extended evaluation version of NI LabVIEW
  • Includes an NI Single-Board RIO device
  • Fully documented, ready-to-run examples of embedded tasks

Introduction to Prototyping Webcast

View a short webcast outlining the need for prototyping and learn how to prototype faster with NI graphical system design tools

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Build A Better Prototype Webcast Series

View tips on how to create a prototype and what tools you can use to save money and get to market faster.

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Build versus Buy

Use the Graphical System Design calculator to compare NI off-the-shelf solutions against the traditional design approach.

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