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The NI Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) platform delivers the flexibility to connect to a wide range of sensors for a variety of monitoring, testing, and measurement applications. National Instruments has worked with a number of industry-leading sensor suppliers to make it even easier to configure and deploy wireless sensing solutions for applications such as monitoring the environment, water quality, power consumption, and resource usage. For each sensor listed below, National Instruments has tested its compatibility with the NI WSN platform. Each application note documents how to connect and use the sensor with the NI WSN nodes, and includes LabVIEW example code to illustrate the use of the sensor with NI WSN.

Table of Contents

  1. Compatible Sensors (Listed by Measurement Type)
  2. List of Sensor Suppliers
  3. Related Information

1. Compatible Sensors (Listed by Measurement Type)


Humidity and Temperature

Light, Radiation
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Water Quality
Level, Flow
Soil Moisture
Electrical Power
Tilt, Displacement
Load, Force
Leak/Moisture Detection


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2. List of Sensor Suppliers


Ametek Power Instruments

Applied Geomechanics


Badger Meter, Inc.

Honeywell Test and Measurement

LI-COR Biosciences


Stevens Water Monitoring Systems


Veris Industries

 CR Magnetics


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3. Related Information

NI Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Products

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