NI cRIO-906x and NI cRIO-903x Support for IEC 61850-9-2 SMV Streams

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This article explains which SMV streams are supported by the NI cRIO-906x and NI cRIO-903x series for NI-Industrial Communications for IEC 61850 15.0.

1. Introduction

The External Link: Implementation Guideline for Digital Interface to Instrument Transformers using IEC 61850-9-2 document, also known as the 9-2LE, defines four kinds of SMV stream types:

  • 80 samples per cycle (50Hz)
  • 80 samples per cycle (60Hz)
  • 256 samples per cycle (50Hz)
  • 256 samples per cycle (60Hz)

The NI cRIO-906x series only supports the 80 samples per cycle (50Hz) and 80 samples per cycle (60Hz) SMV stream types, whereas the NI cRIO-903x supports all four kinds of SMV streams.


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