Archived: NI-DMM 3.0.6 f1 Patch Details

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This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

Why am I receiving error -1074118656 when attempting to use my NI 4050/4060 DMM after installing NI-DMM 3.0.6 on my Windows XP machine?

With the release of NI-DMM 3.0.6 driver support for accessing NI 4050 and NI 4060 DMM devices was broken on Windows XP machines. When attempting to open a session to either of these devices, the NI-DMM driver returns error code: -1074118656, which states the device is not supported. With the release of the NI-DMM 3.0.6 f1 patch, this issue has been fixed and normal operation of the NI 4050 and 4060 devices is restored. The patch can be downloaded from the following link: NI-DMM 3.0.6 f1.

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