Training Course Details: DIAdem Basics

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This page describes the DIAdem Basics training course offered through NI Training and Certification.

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Overview
  2. DIAdem Basics Outline
  3. Suggested Next Courses

1. Course Overview

The DIAdem Basics course teaches you how to use the most important analysis, reporting, and data management
features of the DIAdem environment. At the end of this course you will be comfortable importing data sets, analyzing
them visually and computationally, and creating publisher-quality reports. You will also learn how to use DIAdem
SCRIPT to automate each of these tasks.

  • Instructor-led Classroom: Three (3) Days
  • Instructor-led Virtual: Four (4) 4-hour sessions, plus homework
  • New DIAdem users
  • Users and technical managers evaluating DIAdem in purchasing decisions
  •  Users needing to display, analyze and produce reports for large amounts of test data
  • Experience using Windows; programming experience is helpful, but not essential
NI Products Used During the Course
  • DIAdem

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Find the data you want to import using simple search terms and conditions
  •  Import ASCII files and load TDM files
  •  View and graphically investigate loaded data
  •  Execute channel-based calculations on loaded data
  •  Create reports to present the data, including graphs and tables
  •  Use DIAdem SCRIPT to automate the above steps
  •  Complete the most common tasks performed in DIAdem

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2. DIAdem Basics Outline

Lesson Overview Topics
Introduction to DIAdem This lesson you learn to use DIAdem for creating automated reports.
  • Overview of DIAdem
  • DIAdem Functions
  • Main Components of DIAdem
  • Configuring DIAdem
Managing Data This lesson you learn how to use DIAdem NAVIGATOR to search and load data.
  • Application Areas of DIAdem NAVIGATOR
  • Components of DIAdem NAVIGATOR
  • Finding External Data with DIAdem NAVIGATOR
  • Loading Data
  • Managing Internal Data in the Data Portal
  • Working with Data Properties
  • Working with Data Stores
Viewing Data In this lesson, you learn how to use DIAdem VIEW to interactively inspect data.
  • Application Areas of DIAdem VIEW
  • Components of DIAdem VIEW
  • Loading and Saving a VIEW Layout
  • Displaying Data in DIAdem VIEW
  • Display Types in DIAdem VIEW
  • Transferring Worksheets to DIAdem REPORT
Creating Reports In this lesson, you learn how to create reports of your raw and analyzed data.
  • Components of DIAdem REPORT
  • Creating a Report
  • Formats and Display Types
  • Loading and Saving a REPORT Layout
  • Comparing DIAdem VIEW and DIAdem REPORT
Analyzing Data In this lesson, you learn how to use mathematical functions to extract additional information from your data.
  • Application Areas of DIAdem ANALYSIS
  • Components of DIAdem ANALYSIS
  • Calculations in DIAdem ANALYSIS
  • Standard Data Analysis Functions
  • Calculating with Invalid Values
Calculator and Calculation Manager In this lesson, you learn how to use the Calculator and the Calculation Manager to analyze data with your own formulas.
  • Working with the Calculator
  • Calculator Operands and Operations
  • Calculator Variables
  • Working with the Calculation Manager
Units in DIAdem In this lesson, you learn how to execute calculations with units.
  • Using Units in DIAdem
  • Understanding Units Definition and Use
  •  Editing the Units Catalog
  • Working with Units


Automating Sequences In this lesson, you learn how to use DIAdem SCRIPT to automate workflows.
  • Application Areas of DIAdem SCRIPT
  • Components of DIAdem SCRIPT
  • Script Structure
  • Automating DIAdem with the Recording Mode
  • Editing a Script
  • Evaluating a Series of Files
  • Special Script Functions
Solving Typical Tasks with DIAdem In this lesson, you learn how to use DIAdem to manage your daily data tasks.
  • Importing External Data into DIAdem
  • Finding and Graphing Peaks
  • Finding Events and Trends
  • Specifying Frequency Contents
  • Curve Fitting
  • Working with 3D Data
  • Comparing Data from Different Test Runs
Measuring, Controlling, and Visualizing Data In this lesson, you learn how to use the DAC and VISUAL panels to acquire and process data online.
  • The Basics of Process Measuring and Control Technology with 
  • DIAdemConfiguring NI Hardware for Data Acquisition
  • DIAdem DAC and DIAdem VISUAL
  • Creating a Block Diagram
  • Editing the Block Diagram
  • Basic Settings of the Block Diagram
  • Simulating Processes and Signals
  • Scaling Signals
  • Combining Subtasks in Subblock Diagrams
  • Visualizing Measured Values
  • Sequence Control
  • Extending Block Diagrams
  • Integrating Measurement Hardware
  • DIAdem Measurement Modes
  • Working with Packet Processing


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3. Suggested Next Courses

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