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National Instruments has been a leading provider of PXI and CompactRIO systems and continuously focuses on new capabilities to address system-level needs. Read through this white paper series to learn how you lower the cost of ownership and operation of a system with RASM.

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What is RASM? 


The acronym “RASM” encompasses four separate but related characteristics of a data processing, mechanical, or other physical system : reliability, availability, serviceability, and manageability. RASM features can contribute significantly to the mission of systems for test, measurement, control, and experimentation as well as their associated business goals.

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Four Components of RASM


A system operates as intended, without failure or down time, and satisfies the desired performance requirements.

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The measure of how often a systems is able to perform its intended function, even in the midst of failures.

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Features and aspects of the system design contributing to ease of diagnosis and repair.

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The extent to which a system can be controlled, supervised and monitored.

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