LabVIEW 2011 SP1 NI SoftMotion Module Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between the LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module 2011 f1 and the LabVIEW 2011 SP1 NI SoftMotion Module. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

1. Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in LabVIEW 2011 SP1 NI SoftMotion Module.

ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue Issue Details
279080 - Function Blocks do not execute when called faster than the scan rate. If Function Blocks are used in a loop that is set to run faster than the NI Scan Engine scan rate, the Function Blocks do not update in a synchronized manner and may be skipped.
286804 - The Periodic Position Compare function ignores user units. The Periodic Position Compare period input does not use the specified counts per unit value to convert the value. Instead, it interprets the input as encoder counts in all cases.
300004 - The Contour Move Spline Type Property is only used when generating motion profiles, not during actual moves. The NI SoftMotion Module spline type contour property setting is ignored when you perform a contour move. Instead, the Spline Type property in the Axis Configuration dialog box is used for contour points and interpolated setpoints.
301005 - You cannot configure anti-resonance filter settings for most AR filters using the NI SoftMotion Axis property node. There are currently no NI SoftMotion Axis properties for the following anti-resonance filter parameters: * Low Pass Corner Frequency and Q * Notch Frequency, Depth, and Q * Lead Lag Center Frequency and Gain
304621 - Switching the NI Scan Engine mode after receiving error -77055 (Axis Communication Watchdog Error) does not always restore communication to the module. When you remove the module from the chassis when the NI Scan Engine is in Active mode, the NI SoftMotion Module returns error -77055 on the next move. This error states "Communication with the device has timed out. Verify your connections, then switch the NI Scan Engine to Configuration mode and back to Active mode to restore communication with the device." However, simply switching the NI Scan Engine mode does not restore communication to the module.
309433 - The find index function does not work on an open loop stepper axis with encoder feedback.  
309917 - The "Start Scan Engine On Deploy" checkbox is enabled when you open a project containing motion resources. The saved state of the "Start Scan Engine On Deploy" checkbox is not retained when opening a new project.
312567 - Stepper axes return error -70219 (NIMC_moveStoppedBecauseMaxPosErrorExceededError) when they reach 2147483647 steps.  
312573 - Executing the Solve Profile method after the Start method reutrns error -77037 (NIMCDM_invalidDataError).  
315855 - Some of the NI SoftMotion Module Motor Control FPGA VIs are not reentrant. The impacted VIs are: Signal Changed, Spline Interpolation, and Current Limit Algorithm (I2T).
315959 - SolidWorks proximity sensors are not working correctly with the NI SoftMotion Module.  


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