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Jason King

"The NI Direct Injector Driver System enabled us to get the piezoelectric injector working well in a very short time. We also created novel injection strategies because the NI Powertrain Controls Group programmed the control aspects easily and quickly. The cost and capability of NI Powertrain Controls products are superior to anything else on the market."

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Today’s production and research engines require precise control over a variety of combustion parameters, including spark timing, fuel injection, and fuel burn location. Engine control solutions based on NI products combine the power of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) with the modularity and flexibility of the NI CompactRIO and PXI platforms for performance that is capable of implementing same-cycle and next-cycle control strategies. By using complete combustion analysis systems with high-resolution engine position tracking IP, research engineers can explore numerous combustion strategies under a wide range of operating conditions. From ready-to-use, stand-alone direct injection systems to fully customized combustion analysis and engine control solutions, NI offers the products you need to get your engine up and running.

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A typical National Instruments engine control application begins with NI CompactRIO modules that interface with a variety of engine sensors and actuators such as cylinder pressure sensors, universal exhaust gas oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and spark plugs. These NI C Series modules are controlled using either the CompactRIO platform or an NI R Series FPGA module with an embedded PXI real-time controller. The NI LabVIEW FPGA and LabVIEW Real-Time modules provide deterministic code execution for time-critical calculation of combustion parameters.

NI Direct Injector Driver System

  • Offers a ready-to-run software application
  • Controls solenoid or piezoelectric direct injectors
  • Allows user to customize injector current profile

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NI CompactRIO Modules for Engine Control

  • Ability to interface with numerous engine actuators and sensors
  • Modular approach to engine control means you select only the I/O you need
  • Deterministic, engine-synchronous execution

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