Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation

Give students a long-lasting knowledge of accurate data acquisition, including signal processing, frequency domain representation, and proper construction of a measurement system of sensors and actuators.

All engineered systems require measurement and sensing. That’s why it’s important that fundamental concepts behind accurate data acquisition – for things like signal processing, frequency domain representation and properly constructing a measurement system of sensors and actuators – are taught through experiential learning for long-lasting knowledge.

NI Expertise Overview

NI offers a complete family of DAQ devices for desktop, portable, and network-based teaching applications. The myDAQ device plus the iWorx Sensor add-on gives students the ability to experiment with sensors for biomedical, physics, and chemistry applications. For exploring sensors and their applications, the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) walks students through the physical properties of 10 commonly used sensors. The NI teaching platform is an ecosystem of hardware, software, and courseware that gives students visibility into the inner workings of the systems they’re learning or building.

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Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation
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Products and Solutions

Courseware for Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation

Begin to interface with sensors and actuators using this instrumentation courseware for NI ELVIS.

Software Solutions

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